QEX, a.s.


Maintenance services

All information is processed in Trenčín. After the maintenance request is prioritized, the process for troubleshooting of particular machine can start. There is united connection for whole area of Slovakia.

Reporting failures

Unified email address for whole Slovakia: servis@qex.sk          

Unified fax number for whole Slovakia: 032/6586 986

Unified telephone number for whole Slovakia: 032/6502 178

The maintenance service is available during work days from 8:00 to 16:00.

There are technicians available on phone for contractual customers out of the standard work day.


How is it possible to report a failure?

All failures have to be reported in written form to: servis@qex.sk or to: fax 032/6586 986.

Reporting failures by phone is not possible. The service is available during work days from 8:00 to 16:00.


How to ensure right functioning of the machine?

Presumption of right functioning of the machine is implementing regular prophylactic examinations. Machines are cleaned and set according to manufacturer recommendation during the prophylactic examination. The interval of prophylactic is directly connected to the intensity of machine use.

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