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Multi-functional Cash Unit EuroMulti

“The most effective security solution”

  • Ideal for banks, post offices, gas stations, exchange offices …
  • Suitable for banknotes, coins, checks, cards, documents …
  • Time delay for each drawer
  • Unique modular system
  • Silent alarm with smart blocking system
  • PC connection

EuroMulti security units are designed for providing an increased cash security during working hours.

They provide tested physical and psychological protection. Affordable price enables using them for each cashier. It provides different philosophy of security than expensive and heavy safes.

EuroMulti units consist of two main parts – steel box and drawer modules. The front panels of drawers are reinforced with 6 mm thick steel sheets. The drawers are based on modular system which provides hundreds of drawers and deposit slots combinations.

What do EuroMulti units offer to you?
Increasing security for your cashiers and valuables
The most effective protection during working hours
The best solutions for “open” banks


  • Tested construction and grade A lock
  • Modular system for drawers and deposit slots modules
  • PIN access for 9 cashiers and 1 supervisor
  • Time delay for each drawer from 0 to 99 sec/min
  • Access for one/more cashier/s at the same time
  • Protection between cashier-cashier and cashier-supervisor
  • Silent alarm activation and blocking system
  • Special automatic setting during robbery
  • More than 15 special additional security settings
  • Event history for 500 events
  • Alarm output NO/NC
  • Internal UPC for min 100 openings
  • RS232 and USB connection to PC
  • ISO 9001 quality management

Watch the video: http://youtu.be/JAFzrNf_oug

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